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This is frequent question and answer.

FAQ 목록

  1. Q. I am using Humalog Mix 25 pen. Is this compatible with WellFine?

    A. MedExel’s Pen Needle is designed following ISO 11608-2:2012, so, it is compatible with every pen type injector. Just, some pens designed differently can not be compatible.

  2. Q. How long is the expiration date and storage conditions?

    A. Shelf life of MedExel’s product is 5years, and it must stored at dry and cool place.

  3. Q. I am diagnosed with diabetes, which product do I need to use?

    A. The size of needle is decided depend on user’s body type. Please check with the doctor.

  4. Q. Can I buy diabetic products such as lancet together?

    A. Please call to our customer center.

  5. Q. How can I change the product if I have problem?

    A. Please contact to the customer center.

        Tel : +82-31-299-1077

        E-mail : sales@medexel.co.kr 

  6. Q. Do I have something to care when I connect the pen and needle?

    A. Please keep the right angle when you connect two products. There is IFU to refer.

  7. Q. What is going to happen if I use the product several times?

    A. The cannula will be blunt and silicon coating could be peeled off. It makes painful and the risk of secondary infection get higher.

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