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Safety Pen Needle

Safety Pen Needle

AutoKeeper is disposable needle using with insulin pen. AutoKeeper is safety pen needle which automatically locked itself after use. This product is to prevent re-use and secondary infection. The red part appears before use and disappear after use, so that user can distinguish if it is used or not easily.

1. Product license number: 17-4306

2. Product Name

Model name Length Design
31G(0.25mm) x 5mm 31G
(0.254mm ~ 0.267mm)
31G(0.25mm) x 6mm 31G
(0.254mm ~ 0.267mm)
32G(0.23mm) x 4mm 32G
32G(0.23mm) x 5mm 32G

3. Package : 100pcs/box

4. Sterilization : E.O Gas

5. Storage : Storage at room temperature

6. Shelf Life : 5years

7. Purpose : Hypodermic injection

8. Caution : Never re-use.

* MFG could be changed.
* This product is disposable medical consumable.
Model name
Humalog®mix 25TM Humatropen® Humulin pen
Humapen savvio® Humapen luxura® Novo Pen®junior
Novo Pen®3 NovoLet® N Novo Pen®4
Novo Pen®5 NovoMix®30 Flex pen® Novo echo
Induo Lantus® SoloStar® Pen Core Tropin®
Delfu® Allsterpro Juniorstar
Wanbang BD Pen Sanofi Optiset
Owen AutoPen
Table 1. Compatible pen list

Strength of Autokeeper

1. 6 side ribs for anti-slip (Large Cap)
Special design to avoid slip during disassembling the primary container and screwing onto the insulin pen
2. Triangle shaped design (Large Cap)
Unique design distinguished from other brand safety pen needle.
3. Solid structure (Large Cap)
Solid structure prevents inner pen needle damage from external impact.
4. Streamlined design (Needle Cap)
Streamlined design maximizes the contact area between the needle cap and skin. Our design prevents the pain from injection and improves the emotional quality.
5. 8 side ribs for anti-slip(Middle Cap)
Special design to avoid slip during disassembling the primary container and screwing onto the insulin pen.
6. Wide range of color and solid structure
Medexel’s Safety Pen Needle is made of ABS which improves solidity and implementing a wide rage of color. Needle Cap (Transparent or Tinted) / Middle Cap (White or Gray) / Safety Shield (Red or Green)

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